Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toasted with a side of butter

Let's take care of our bottoms, alright? I mean, in this kink of ours, they are a pretty major focus. And as much "abuse" as mine takes, I like it to feel soft, look smooth, and be well-admired. I want my bottom to be toasted, with a side of butter.

There's this product that I use. It is a-ma-zing. Origins makes an exfoliator called "Incredible Spreadable Scrub" and comes in several tantalizing scents. The one I prefer? Ginger. (They also make a fabulous line of ginger souffle lotion and bath creams.) Use it with a mesh poof (what ARE those things called?) for maximum effect.

Word to the wise, throw that mesh poof out after a week and get a new one. They are breeding grounds for bacteria so it would kind of defeat the purpose to have them hanging around for too long. (And you can get them at any dollar store for...a dollar.)

Having a smooth, soft bottom is my personal invitation for him to stay awhile. Even after last night's ministrations (there was more spanking following my discipline), my bottom is soft and pliable and ready for more. Hello, Saturday!

Eggs with a side of vibe

One of these days, I'll introduce you to my two friends with whom I occasionally breakfast and discuss kinky happenings, but not today. On the latest get-together, we bopped down to the adult toy store and spent about an hour wading through corsets, thigh-highs, and vibrators.

As we made our way to the cash register, I found myself empty-handed but full of ideas for my next purchases. And then I saw it -- nestled in a little container next to the register was this thumb-sized vibrator attached to a cord. It's called the "Promise finger ring" by Evolved. And it came in pink. But did it have power?

Soon the saleslady was demonstrating the vibe action for us, showing the variable speeds and functions that were controlled by a button on the ring at the end of the cord. Small, quietly powerful and versatile, this bullet would be perfect for a discreet public orgasm. Sold!

Empty-handed no longer, I tucked my purchase inside my purse and waited for the perfect moment to try it out.

That moment happened about a half-an-hour later; willpower has never been my strong suit. And my mind wandered to other uses for it. How would it feel to be spanked while this bullet pulsed away? Could it work its magic for both my partner and I while he was inside me? What if I put it there instead of here?

The answers: blissful, oh yeah, and WOW!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ryder Pink Pearl

I love it. I have it with me usually all of the time now. During a particularly hectic day at work, I'll excuse myself and when I return to my desk, I find I am much more centered, balanced and able to think clearly. I could be becoming addicted! ha!

(Thanks to Submissive Baby Girl for this review!)

Implements that grow on trees

Plucked fresh from the tree and given to my sub to remove the leaves and smooth the bark as best she could, was the birch switch from this past weekend.

When she was finished, I ordered her pants down and, after snugging her panties up her crack, gave her 3 medium swats that left crossing red lines across her cheeks.

I let it age overnight and the next morning retrieved it from its resting spot. All covered with dew, I tested its flexibility with a few strikes through the air and the supple bending was proof that the morning lines would soon be forthcoming.

Willows are plentiful where I live so its a real treat to trim a fresh white branch from the forest tree and put it to use immediately. With a little extra effort, you can make use of several irregular-shaped branches by tying them into a bundle for a real birching experience. Set a few of the straighter branches aside for your sub to pluck clean while making your bundle.

For those of us who don't yet have a woodshed to march our submissive too, a brisk walk through the woods with a fist full of hair is a healthy outdoor experience with fun for all.

(Thanks to Command for his entry! And I might question the "fun for all" sentiment. Artwork by Endart.)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Liberty of London babydoll & garter belt

Tired of the overplayed slut route? (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Want something fresh and innocent and sexy to wow your partner?

Then try this. This set is from Target so you could even purchase it in the presence of grandma, although the garter belt and thong might make it a little too racy for anyone with heart palpitations.

It's cute. It's pretty. It's well made. And it was met with high acclaim.

I bought the babydoll, garter belt and matching thong for $40. Pair it with thigh highs, and you've got yourself a look that will match your claims of innocence.

Don't expect to be believed; I certainly wasn't. Where would the fun be in that?