Monday, May 31, 2010


No, it’s not a character from a Disney movie, it’s an extraordinary professional level vibrator.

While most vibrators are designed for insertion into sensitive areas, Thumper can be used from head to toes. Well, maybe not the head but certainly from the neck down.

I’ve had mine for several years and I pull it out of its handy storage bag anytime that I need the comfort of its magic. Thumper is the finest machine I’ve found for deep tissue massage. Feeling a little sore from that pick up football game with the relatives this holiday? Over-use some muscles helping a good friend move? Feeling a little stiff from that long ride or flight back home? Then Thumper is almost instant relief for those tired and aching body parts.

But wait, there’s more! Used carefully in those spots that are always sensitive, Thumper can provide hours of fun and the dual heads mean you can double your pleasure too!

(Review submitted by Command. Thank you!)

Hitachi Magic Wand (answer is in the question...MAGIC)

Since the purchase of my very first vibrator, I've been searching for the perfect addition to my collection. While not perfect, as it doesn't jump out of the bedside drawer on its own, the Hitachi Magic Wand is pretty damn close.

Only have a few minutes to achieve toe-curling bliss? Not a problem. This powerful toy works on me, with my history of delayed orgasm, before I can even get comfortable on the bed.

And whichever doctor made the claim that the g-spot is a myth never experienced the attachments that come with this vibrator. Holy wow! You can feel the orgasm in your teeth.

This vibrator is also wonderful with a partner, or while being restrained and tormented.

My complaints? It's rather loud so discretion is nearly impossible. And, at times, it can be TOO powerful, even on the lowest setting. But you can purchase a speed controller to vary the power of the vibrator, although I have not tested that so I can't guarantee its effect.

Anyway, I consider this vibrator to be one of the better gifts I've given myself in a long time. There's a reason you see it used in porn videos: IT WORKS!

Friday, May 28, 2010

County Whips...don't stop the crop

In the past, I'd always been somewhat hesitant in embracing the thinner, whippier implements such as the crop, cane, and switch.

But recently I was paid a surprise visit by a crop.

I can safely say that I have met my match. I may have a high tolerance; I may be stingy with the tears; I may display a false bravada. But this crop was the great equalizer, and was not even administered with much force.

Did I love it? I am loathe to love it. So, that's a "yes, Sir".

You can purchase yours at:

This is a child's riding crop, measuring an approximate 24" of leather-bound glory.

It creates a lovely sound while cutting through the air and lands with a resounding zing on the backside.

It can be quite painful, so be forewarned. Full force is only necessary under the direst of circumstances. But it can also add a little fun to the toybox, an interesting shake-up to your routine.

I highly recommend this for the uninitiated looking to dabble with their more experienced partners.

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