Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Implements that grow on trees

Plucked fresh from the tree and given to my sub to remove the leaves and smooth the bark as best she could, was the birch switch from this past weekend.

When she was finished, I ordered her pants down and, after snugging her panties up her crack, gave her 3 medium swats that left crossing red lines across her cheeks.

I let it age overnight and the next morning retrieved it from its resting spot. All covered with dew, I tested its flexibility with a few strikes through the air and the supple bending was proof that the morning lines would soon be forthcoming.

Willows are plentiful where I live so its a real treat to trim a fresh white branch from the forest tree and put it to use immediately. With a little extra effort, you can make use of several irregular-shaped branches by tying them into a bundle for a real birching experience. Set a few of the straighter branches aside for your sub to pluck clean while making your bundle.

For those of us who don't yet have a woodshed to march our submissive too, a brisk walk through the woods with a fist full of hair is a healthy outdoor experience with fun for all.

(Thanks to Command for his entry! And I might question the "fun for all" sentiment. Artwork by Endart.)

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